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Clean Blankets, Cabin Linen and Airline Uniforms

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CALL TODAY for a free comparative cost analysis and recieve $100 in complementary Dry Cleaning
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Servicing Your Airline Uniforms, Cabin Linens, Pillow and Blankets

If you need uniforms cleaned or alterations made, we can handle that along with all of your cabin linens, blanket and pillows. Laundry Express is your one stop provider for all of your airline laundry needs.

 Airline Blankets and Cabin Linen Cleaning

We provide you superior service you and you customers expect.

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Seat covers
  • First Class Linen

CALL TODAY for a free comparative cost analysis and recive $100 in complimentary Dry Cleaning!

Airline Blankets, Cabin Linen and Uniforms

Call us today for a FREE consultation!

(808) 839-3400

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